A even more. The song “Blowin’ In

A song, for itself, is a form of expression that the
Men use to sing feelings, emotions, and sometimes, the problems of life and the
problems of society. A song is powerful but, a protest song is even more.

            The song “Blowin’ In The Wind” of
Bob Dylan is a protest song because Dylan is singing about a problema, and he
is inspiring others to think about the problems that exists on the society. Bob
Dylan sings about American Civil Rights, “How many roads must a man walk down /
Before you cal him a man?” and Anti-War Movement, “How many times must the
cannonballs fly / Before they’re forever banned?”. In spite of the fact that
the song is a little old (1963), it is used in many anti-movements, because
it’s timeless. It is still current because Bob Dylan uses a very vague tone when
he talks about the problems but, at the same time, he makes us think about the
lyrics through the rethorical questions and this is a good strategy for a
protest song.

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            On the other hand, we have another
very powerful protest song, “Alright” of Kendrick Lamar, and he sings about
diferent problems, like racismo and police violence, “Nigga, and we hate po-po
/ Wanna kill us dead in the street fo-sho.” and black lives matter “Nigga, we
gon’ be alright (…) / Lovin’ me is complicated.”.

            Lamar is singing for a very
sprecific audience, the black community, and he sings very directly about the
real problem, racismo and abuse of power by the police.

Unlike Bob Dylan’s song, Kendrick gives emphasis to
his message and this is very a clear and specific.

            These songs are both protest songs
and talk about the real problems of the Mankind, war, civil rights and racism.

Both of the songs make us be aware of these problems but in “Blowin’ in the
wind” we feel the disppoitment of Bob Dylan, we feel that he is trying to make
us think and do something. In “Alright”, Kendrick uses a more agressive tone.

He is angry about this issue and the listener feels the words “gun”, “kill”,
“dead”, and, through the energetic way of Lamar sings, make us to do something.

            The huge difference between these
two songs is that Bob Dylan’s song is timeless and applies in many problems of
humanity, but, Kendricks Lamar’s song, only talks to the black community.

            In conclusion, these two songs are
so powerful and both made good points and make the people think and act through
these problems. Protest songs are a very smart way to talk about these issues,
because a song always has that message for us individually, but a protest song
has a message for all of us.