As and then provide the opportunities of

As professional learner we can help students by
telling them to focus on the class lectures and course reading material
which can lead to more effective learning. Recapture their previous
knowledge about a topic, taking notes, organizing information can help
students to learn more effectively. Key and quality considerations like
promoting active communication among the instructors and learners
encourage participating actively, providing appropriate feedback on time,
respect various talents and different ways of learning.

Inform their professional role with relevant strategy, policy, and
quality considerations

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An important aspect to promote learning is to
continuously support the learners; this will help them to figure out what
are their learning needs. It is important to give and receive fair
feedback and boosting others to adopt a thoughtful approach in their daily
work. Be kind, open and easily accessible. Encourage and support learning
and always take a stance in affinity to standards.

Use a variety of methods for evaluating their role in supporting


The three main approaches of learning are “Behaviorist
approach”, “Cognitive approach” and “Humanist approach”. Most of learning
approaches fall into one or all of three. In behaviorist approach the
learner can acquire knowledge by constant repetition of a task. Most
important feature of the behavioral approach is to define clear set of
instructions in the beginning and then provide the opportunities of
learning to make sure that the required objectives are achieved. Cognitive
learning is where learning is through thinking and an individual acquires
knowledge via experiences and senses. In this approach the presenter
chooses the best possible method to convey the learning. Humanist approach
is a student-centered approach and the educator act as a facilitator. In
this approach the learner learns at its
own pace.