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Jovian Johnson English/ Period 3Moshtagh 12/7/17Title In this story by W. E. B Du Bois chapter 3 “of mr. Booker T. Washington and others” begins with a poem by Byron that included the phrase know ye not who would be free themselves must strike the blow?. Du Bois then opens by making an argument about Washington’s approach to social change by his industrial education, and silence on the subject of civil rights. Du Bois description of Washington’s leadership is kind of a fake compliment. When Du Bois said ” Washington was a perfect fit for his age” is a form of an insult seeing Du Bois indictment of the community in which Washington lives. Which i understand where Du Bois is coming from because he feels like Washington didn’t have it hard at all like most african americans did in that time. Washington didn’t really speak out when it came to civil rights for african Americans. Du Bois says “Washington’s main focus is on entrepreneurship with white racist people” which is a example of why he’s a bad leader for black people. I can see where it could probably be unfair to criticise Washington because even though he didn’t necessarily speak out about certain things he has achieved so much having come from so little. I would say it was fair when Du Bois bashes washington for eliminating pressure for African American civil rights when at that time pressure was most needed. When Washington said that “african american must be reliant” Du Bois stated that this made a situation in which African American who were tenacious to revamp their own lives were stopped from doing so by the protracted problems of racism and inequality. Du Bois applauses Washington’s ┬áverbal judgement of lynching but then argues that “Washington’s disinformation signifies that overall the south’s wrongful treatment of African Americans is reasonable”. I personally don’t understand how Washington is basically saying that the way white people are treating black people in the south is fair and reasonable. Du Bois states his own thoughts on Washington’s arguments. Du Bois Says that ” slavery and prejudice are potent if not sufficient causes of the negro’s position”. One of the main points Du Bois is trying to get across is that he believes the south needs to be forced to clear all it’s wrongs and that african americans need to forgo Washington’s ideas about southern racism and discrimination. Du Bois finishes with words from the founding fathers, reminding the reader that America was made and built on the assumption that “all men were created equal”.