Why teach them how to play the

Why do you want to become a teacher? (maximum 300 words)         

In my three years as a guitar
instructor at the Richmond Music School, I have learned that the chance to
inspire another person is a challenge that I am ready to conquer. Since I
taught guitar for beginners, it was generally the case that parents would force
students to attend my lessons. Considering how my students were often very
young, it came as no surprise that their interests may have laid elsewhere. I
quickly realized that while students were always learning, it may not be what
the teacher is attempting to teach. In that moment, I knew that not only did I
need to teach them how to play the guitar, I had to do it in an atmosphere that
promoted enthusiastic learning. I wanted to provide my students with a safe
environment that was more about having fun as opposed to doing an unpleasant
task. It was this shift in attitude from “I’m forced to play” to “I can’t wait
to learn more” that made me continue teaching. At the same time, I noticed that
the joy of playing the musical instrument would increase my student’s
self-esteem. To me, that sense of a higher self-esteem is extremely important
because it empowers them to aim for and achieve future goals. This is precisely
the reason why I wanted to become a teacher, it is this notion that I can
inspire children who will represent the future. I know that children are
impressionable, especially when they are young. I want to be the one that teaches
these children the importance of individuality, ethics, and other aspects that
may prove to be more valuable than knowledge itself. If granted the opportunity
to become a teacher, I will have the privilege of shaping the future of our

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Describe the kind of teacher you want to be. (maximum 300 words)

Over the two years I
worked as a camp leader for Bodwell’s University Summer Programs, I noticed
that my position gave me the capacity to influence the children of whom I was
in charge of. In this same way, teachers have a direct chance to affect the
future and make a difference in the world. As a teacher, I would want to teach
the same qualities that I taught as a camp leader. I would do everything in my
power to teach my students to be goal-oriented and show them that they can
accomplish any goal they set their mind to. I want to be the teacher
that students come to because they feel comfortable in sharing their hopes and
dreams with me. I want to be the one to make my students consistently wonder, question,
and think critically. I don’t want to be a teacher that takes the easy path and
merely demonstrates a concept, I want to inspire and motivate. I want to be the
one that won’t turn their back on a student until all their questions are
explained entirely, despite how long it may take. If the day ends and the
student still has not understood the class material, I will go home, reflect, and
ask myself, “What can I do to better teach this concept?” This is the kind of
teacher that I intend to be. However, I realize that my personal
teaching style will develop as I build on my experiences, knowledge, and skills.
My passion is fueled by that feeling of fulfillment you get when you witness
that “lightbulb” moment go off in a child’s mind. It is this ability to witness
a child reach their full potential that will allow me to continue to adapt and
learn along the way as a professional.

Additional information (optional; maximum 300 words)

My deep appreciation for the teaching
profession comes from its purpose. I genuinely believe that it is one of the
most critical functions performed in our culture. Teachers have the capability
to independently or collectively improve the world, one child at a time. A
career in education means a lifetime of helping students become productive
members of society. My main role as a teacher would be to stimulate
and mould the next generation into becoming lifelong
learners. The only role that my students will have is to come to school
prepared and ready to learn.